yet not blindly,

Strictly yet not blindly, sticking to the simple principles of the traditional preparation and respecting the natural flow of time defining the freshness of the domestic groceries, we introduce a contemporary “twist” that is no distortion of the tradition but rather complements the same with a lot of imagination, innovation and passion, raising its value and leading it to a new expression.

Certified for preparing meat from Istrian cattle Boškarin

Infusing contemporary


into the traditional essence of domestic, aboveground, underground and undersea culinary ingredients, we try to offer the best of both worlds.


Traditional cuisine with a modern twist

The gastronomy of our restaurant offers varied, almost exclusively domestic specialities starting from the fruits of the earth in the form of cheese, cheese with truffles, prosciutto, pork loin and sausages, through various pastas such as noodles with truffles, ‘pljukanci’ (local pasta) with forest mushrooms, gnocchi with boškarin (traditional Istrian cattle), through beefsteak with truffles or porcini mushrooms, striploin on Istrian way, then, plunging deeper into the underwater of the Istrian cuisine, the grilled sea bream, sea bass and sole fish and domestic squids.

Furthermore, in our offer there are various seasonal soups as well as the Istrian minestrone, pizzas and various desserts. Each dish from our offer is complemented with a perfectly paired wine of our own production and our extra virgin olive oil. The current season is our most precise clock and guide because time for the naturally ripe ingredients is time for placing them on our menu.

If sensitive to
gluten, you will also feel 
”at home”,

because our
entire offer can be prepared


If you want to book a table for a party, dinner or hangout, please email frankovic.rondo@gmail.com or call 00385 52 772 898