Our brand


a genuine way of wine production, made with personal intense attention to detail, design and care. These wines are born on a location called Santa Lucia, near Buje. As an area with white Istrian soil, this location is known like the mother of exceptional wines and producer of a unique Malvazija.

Santa Lucia is the patron saint of family’s wine portfolio – bottles that are filled with experiences, dreams and lasting memories that persist as a taste of a true artist’s imagination and Istrian wine’s magic. Indulge your senses with a magical experience by tasting our wines.

In addition, we are also producers of olive oil, which we have named Amfiterra, characterized with a unique fresh flavour, richness and mistery.

Naši proizvodi

Rose, Luna Rosa
Muškat, Luna Blanca
Pjenušac Stella
Pet Net
Cabernet Savignon
Malvazija sur lie, Korona
Muškat, Luna d'Oro
Maslinovo ulje Amfiterra